"Live Young Blood" examines many of the ills stifling Baltimore's youth, and reveals the progress of people fighting to change the shape of a great city. Directors Bobby Marvin and Justin Gladden take viewers through a heart-wrenching look at how murder takes a tole on those left behind, and examines what many experts belief is the cause of the anger, hate, and rage our youth struggle with daily. Youth mentors and grief counselors weigh in on the work that's being done to help heal wounded spirits. Former drug dealers canvas one of Baltimore's most violent neighborhoods, putting themselves in the line of fire to broker peace in a beleaguered city. Featuring an array of interviews with notable figures including Urban Leadership Institute founders David Miller, Annette March-Grier, Executive Director or Roberta’s House, Daniel Webster, Director of Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, and Lori Toscano, Director at the Baltimore City Health Department-Safe Streets. "Live Young Blood" is a testament to the will of a city, ravaged by gang warfare, working to heal the open wounds of a violent culture. "Live Young Blood" is a call to the youth of Baltimore City, and cities around the nation, to look up, stay strong, and to know that help is just around the corner.